DCCA’s Award Winning LA TOUSSAINT Collection

In November 2018, I visited Dreams College of Creative Arts in Accra, Ghana where students presented their work in the making for the schools’ upcoming collection ‘LA TOUSSAINT: Remembering the dead’. The collection honoured some of history’s iconic designers Kofi Ansah, Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Ganni Versace and Christian Dior. I had the pleasure to give feedback on the work and have some interesting conversations about the stories of the designs.

After the collection was showcased, it recently resulted in an Achievement Award by the Swedish Fashion Council. This is a strong example of the connection between the Global North and the Global South that I like to see.

“I am earnestly grateful and extremely proud for this recognition. I believe sense of direction disinfects and it galvanizes.” writes the school Director Clement Asemnyra.

I am very proud to be working closely with DCCA and look forward to see much more from Asemnyra and his team in the future.

See the full collection on the DCCA Instagram Account.

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